As ever things change, and at Wingrave NC we continue to adapt and develop as the club grows.

We have a large  ‘Youth’ section of the club to reflect the growing players we have in their teenage years.

We had 4 teams playing in the Aylesbury Junior Netball League, Wingrave Asteroids, Wingrave Planets, Wingrave Starlets and Wingrave Meteors. All teams are going from strength to strength as they become more confident applying rules and skills in to match play. They are now achieving regular wins and seeing the benefit of their training and playing regularly.

Our Youth section is open to players 11-16yrs and train on Saturdays 11.30am-12.30pm




Asteroids Coaches Player
2022 – Mia Dockery                                                                                                            2020 – Holly Sawyer                                                                                                          

Asteroids Most Improved Player
2022 – Lauren Mahoney                                                                                                  2020 – Hannah Freeman                                                                                                           

Planets Coaches Player
2022 – Darcy Sinclair                                                                                                        2020 – Mollie Smith                                                                                                           2019 – Sasha Francis
2018 – Ellie Pugh

Planets Most Improved Player
2022 – Olivia Wright                                                                                                              2020 – Mia Dockery                                                                                                           2019 – Holly Sawyer
2018 – Lily Forster

Starlets Coaches Player
2022 – Alice Terry                                                                                                              2020- Charlotte Keane                                                                                                      2019 – Charlotte Keane

Starlets Most Improved Player
2022 – Maia Dodsworth                                                                                                  2020 – Matilda Burgess                                                                                                      2019 – Mia Dockery

Meteors CoachesPlayer
2022 – Emily Robinson

Meteors Most Improved Player
2022 – Morgan Muckle                                                                                                  

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