Wingrave Junior Netball Club ranges from 5-11 year olds (boys and girls)       We train on Saturday mornings 9.00-10.00am at Wingrave Park, Winslow Road, Wingrave, Bucks, HP22 4QB

The first session is free and then if you want to join the club its £65 per annum. We train from Sept to end of July and break for school holidays.

We play and encourage Bee Netball, High 5 netball and 7 a-side netball.  The juniors are split in to the following groups 

Milky Way – Just starting out (general fundamentals) Rec-yr 2

Galaxy – Progressing High 5’s (netball fundamentals) yr3/4

Mars – 7 a-side netball (netball training programme) yr5/6

‘I enjoy Wingrave junior netball because it’s so fun! I’ve learnt so many new skills over the last couple of years and this has helped me get into the top team of netball at school. The coaches always encourage and motivate me, which gives me confidence knowing that I’m playing to the best of my ability’  Abbie age 12

 ‘I like netball because we get to play games, have fun and most importantly play netball!. I also like all the coaches as they are really friendly’ Bella age 9

‘I enjoy going to Wingrave Netball Club because I learn new skills in a fun way and I meet new people’ Edie age 12

‘All week I look forward to Saturday so I can see my friends and play my favourite sport, I love netball’  Ellie age 9

Picture drawn by Clementine


Safeguarding and protecting young people in netball is important to the sport and Wingrave Netball Club. We are committed to creating and maintaining a safe a positive environment for all young people to play netball. If you have any concerns please contact us 

Wingrave Kit
If you’d like to order a Club Hoodie or T-shirt, please contact us

Schools Tournament
During the last year Wingrave Netball Club have hosted 8  fun primary school tournaments in the local area to encourage schools to play High 5 (school years 5/6). They have all been a  great success, with positive feedback from parents, teachers and pupils. The next one is planned for Spring 2020 at Wingrave Park 4-7pm . If you’re interested in entering a school team please contact us

Great netballing by all the junior players from all the schools and teams.

We have teams entering from

-High Ash
-St Michaels
-Long Marston


End of Season Awards

Milky Way Group
Most Improved Player                             Coaches Player

2022- Isla Geoghegan                               Emily Doel                                               2021 – Elodie Davidson                           Isla Lewington                                        2020 – Eloise Asante                                Jasmine & Jessica Wyles                   2019 – Celyn Jones                                     Libby Willson
2018 – Shannon Hartwig                         Gracie Godwin
2017 – Holly Lorne                                      Gracie Godwin
2016 – Sophie Inns                                      Matilda Burgess
2013 – Kristyna Wright                            Chloe Cowling
2012 – Erin Guyatt                                       Bella Lewington
2011 – Abbie Garton                                   Lucy Perkins

Jupiter Group
Most Improved Player                             Coaches Player                                            2020 -Elsie-Jane Bates                             Emily Sullivan                                                 2019 -Florence Passmore                        Harriet Pollard


Galaxy Group
Most Improved Player                              Coaches Player

2022 -Elodie Davidson                             Libby Willson                                         2021 Eloise Asante                                     Nancy Husan                                          2020 – Emily Stone                                      Georgia Philbey                                   2019 – Sophie Hulley                                  Pip Tod
2018 – Emily Robinson                              Tamsin Hartwig
2017 – Jasmine Hanse                               Amie Boylin
2016 – Mollie Fletcher                               Lara Sparkes
2015 – Bella Lewington                             Kristyna Wright
Chloe Cowling
2014 – Isabel Law                                          Bella Lewington
2013 – Eloise Ward                                      Chelsea Gurney
2012 – Ellie Pugh                                           Chloe May & Melissa Chapman
2011 – Sophie Flecknell                             Ellie Hardings
2010 – Catherine Toosey
2009 – Mair Jones
2008 – Alice Digby

Mars Group
Most Improved Player                              Coaches Player

2022- Elsie-Jane Bates                             Isobel Monk                                           2021 – Emily Stone                                      Georgia Lai-Kit                                     2020 – Emily Fenn                                        Isabelle Worsfold                                                        2010 – Alice Terry                                        Chloe Sawyer
2018 – Hattie Grimshaw                          Chloe Cowling
2017 – Mollie Smith                                     Bella Lewi1gton
2016 – Eloise Ward                                      Georgia Lorraine
2015 Scarlett Dempsey &                        Ellie Pugh
Juliette Deeley
2014 – Lucy Perkins                                     Edie Horwood
2013 – Abbie  Garton                                  Ellie Hardings
2012 – Holly Atkinson                                Chloe Perkins
2011 – Georgina Crump                            Mair Jones
2009 –                                                                   Alice Digby
2008 –                                                                   Emilie Barrett

How to improve my skills and understanding of the rules

– click here to see videos of how to improve my netball skills (movement, passing and shooting)

Click here to see basic rules High 5

Click here to see basic rules 7 a-side


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