Meet the Wingrave Netball Umpires


Umpiring is a great way of getting to know the rules in more detail and how to interpret and apply them in match and training situations.

We have several umpires who are qualified to umpire in the Aylesbury league.

B award Umpires
Sarah Gale

C award umpires
Georgie Camfield
Sue Edwards
Debbie Inns
Danielle Burgess
Heather Lloyd
Nikita Edwards
Emma Donnan
Laura Perriss
Sarah Lyons                                                                                                                            Laura Davison
Lucy Bazzoni                                                                                                                      Charlotte Knight                                                                                                               Lauren Edwards

Passed Into Officiating
Michelle O’Brien                                                                                                                          Scarlett Dempsey                                                                                                                 Jodie Atkins

If you’re interested in picking up the whistle and having a go, please contact us about up and coming courses in the local area or click here to see courses available through All England Netball. We  always welcome players to develop their netball skills by becoming umpires.

We encourage our older Mars Junior Group to pick up the whistle.  This proves to be really encouraging as the players  grasp the rules very quickly.

We’re hoping to run  more sessions so maybe we can whet the appetite of our other young budding players to be involved in officiating!

Click here to see basic rules of netball


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