Back to Netball

A slightly more energetic way to get back in to netball if you’ve had a break from the sport or for those who’d like to give something new a go. This is based on the traditional 7 a-side netball game and involves running and jumping.

We play on Tuesday evenings 7-8pm                                                                    session costs £5  – pay and play                                                                           Wingrave Park, Winslow Road, Wingrave, HP22 4QB

join us on Facebook – ‘Wingrave Back to Netball’

It’s a fun light hearted session, where we do netball skills                       (a bit of fitness – not too much!) and match play.   We have players of all ages and abilities ranging from players in their 20’s through to    50’s!      Just wear proper trainers, comfy clothes and bring a drink.

We get to play friendly matches, tournaments and this year we entered a back to netball team in to a fun summer league

‘The back to netball sessions are a great way for me to get back in to the sport. Having not played for 10 years I was a bit nervous but the atmosphere is so relaxed – all abilities are welcome so it really is a great way to back to netball!’ Emily

‘It was 32 years since I last played netball but it all came flooding back! I’m not competitive but really enjoy playing as part of a team where the focus is definitely on fun!’    Sheila

‘ I joined back to netball to get more exercise and to have fun playing a team sport that I had always enjoyed. Little did I know that a year later I would have just finished a season playing in a team. I love playing and have made some great friends too!‘  Nikita

‘I’m so glad I found ‘back to netball’ trying to keep fit as well as going to work and looking after children can be tough, but because I enjoy the weekly sessions so much I always make the effort to get there. I feel I have a new level of fitness and getting fit can be fun!’ Liz


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